Tin Prices as of 30th April 2024
  • LME Tin 3-month 31216.00
  • LME Tin May 24 31306.00
  • LME Tin Jul 24 31206.00
  • LME Tin Aug 24 31206.00
  • LME Tin Sep 24 31185.00
  • LME Tin Oct 24 31135.00
  • LME Tin Nov 24 31670.00

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Grievance Policy

Woodcross Resources is committed to conducting business in accordance with the law and the highest ethical standards. In line with our Code of Business of Conduct, the implementation of Grievance Policy further supports the following principles:.

We ensure that grievances and complaints will be addressed in a timely, transparent, accessible and equitable manner.

We ensure fair and objective investigation of grievances and complaints identified, based on facts or reliable evidence.

We're committed to safeguarding whistle-blowers and stakeholders by adhering to legal requirements.

We urge all stakeholders to promptly report concerns of misconduct for thorough investigation.

At Woodcross Resources, we prioritize open communication and ethical conduct. If you have any concerns or grievances, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your feedback is essential in ensuring a responsible and accountable work environment:

To register a new concern, please follow the link below:

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Please send an email to the email address below:


A professional can be contacted directly the following number:

+256 (0)701 612 334

Paper disclosures may be issued to Woodcross HR Department Manager:

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