Tin Prices as of 30th April 2024
  • LME Tin 3-month 31216.00
  • LME Tin May 24 31306.00
  • LME Tin Jul 24 31206.00
  • LME Tin Aug 24 31206.00
  • LME Tin Sep 24 31185.00
  • LME Tin Oct 24 31135.00
  • LME Tin Nov 24 31670.00

Environmental, Social and Governance

Sustainable ESG Commitment: Nurturing Responsibility for a Better Tomorrow

Our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, ethical social practices, and transparent governance serves as a testament to our responsibility as a corporate entity. We continuously seek innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint and promote a more sustainable future for generations to come. Through our proactive efforts, we aim to contribute positively to the global push for a greener and more equitable world.


Our Biochar Carbon Offset Program is a collaborative effort. We partner with the local farming community, offering them a high-quality alternative to traditional fertilizers. By introducing biochar into agricultural practices, we not only improve crop yields under specific conditions but also reduce the reliance on ammonium-based fertilizers, thus minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Commitment

Recognizing the impact of carbon emissions, we have taken a bold step towards carbon neutrality. Woodcross Resources is actively establishing a cutting-edge biochar manufacturing operation at our Mbarara smelting facility. Through this initiative, we aim to not only offset emissions but also enhance the sustainability of local agriculture.


Biochar, a soil-enhancing ingredient, plays a crucial role in reducing the disposal of biodegradable organic matter. This sustainable solution helps tackle emissions at their source and contributes to a more circular and environmentally conscious approach. Our initiative extends beyond our operations. Woodcross Resources actively engages with the local farming community, fostering a partnership that not only addresses environmental concerns but also supports the livelihoods of those who rely on the land.

As part of our ongoing dedication to environmental responsibility, our Biochar Carbon Offset Program remains a dynamic and evolving effort. We continually seek ways to enhance its impact, leverage technology, and collaborate with stakeholders to drive positive change.

Climate Smart Benefits of Biochar

Carbon in biochar can persist in soils over long time scales. Beyond the carbon sequestered in the biochar itself, biochar incorporated in soils also offers numerous other potential climate benefits:

  • Soil Fertility: Biochar can improve soil fertility, stimulating plant growth, which then consumes more CO2 in a positive feedback effect. Reduced fertilizer inputs: Biochar can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, resulting in reduced emissions of greenhouse gases from fertilizer manufacture.
  • Reduced N2O and CH4 emissions: Biochar can reduce emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4)—two potent greenhouse gases—from agricultural soils.
  • Enhanced soil microbial life: Biochar can increase soil microbial life, resulting in more carbon storage in soil.
  • Reduced emissions from feedstocks: Converting agricultural and forestry waste into biochar can avoid CO2 and CH4 emissions otherwise generated by the natural decomposition or burning of the waste.
  • Energy generation: The heat energy—and also the bio-oils and synthesis gases—generated during biochar production can be used to displace carbon positive energy from fossil fuels.


At Woodcross Resources, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the communities where we operate. Our ongoing community outreach projects reflect our dedication to fostering sustainable development and improving the lives of those we serve.

Project 1: Rwengoma Primary School 4-Classroom Block Project

One of our flagship community outreach projects is the development of a 4-classroom block at the Rwengoma Primary School in Ruhama, Ntungamo. This transformative project aims to provide enhanced educational facilities for local students, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth. We firmly believe that education is a powerful catalyst for positive change. By providing improved infrastructure, we empower students with a brighter and more promising future. This project not only addresses immediate needs but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community by nurturing the next generation.
Our Rwengoma Primary School 4-Classroom Block Project has garnered overwhelming support from the local community. By collaborating closely with community leaders, educators, and students, we ensure that the project aligns with the community's needs and aspirations

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  • Location: Rwengoma Primary School, Ruhama, Ntungamo
    Scope: Construction of a 4-classroom block
    Completed: July 2023
    Video: Watch

Project 2: Early Learning Primary School Desk Donation

In December 2022, Woodcross Resources took a meaningful step towards transforming education at the Early Learning Primary School in Ruhama, Ntungamo. Our donation of 100 4-seater desks was aimed at addressing a crucial need – providing appropriate seating for students who were previously compelled to sit on the floor during class time. The impact of proper seating resonates deeply. With the donation of these desks, we have contributed to an environment where students can fully immerse themselves in the learning process. This simple yet powerful change has the potential to shape their educational journey and open doors to new opportunities.
Our partnership with the Early Learning Primary School is emblematic of our approach to community engagement. By working closely with local stakeholders and understanding the unique needs of the community, we ensure that our efforts yield the greatest impact.


At Woodcross Resources, we embody responsible governance to drive our sustainable mining operations in Uganda. Our commitment to ethics, transparency, and compliance ensures that every action aligns with our dedication to the environment and local communities.

Ethical Leadership:

Our leadership team serves as a beacon of integrity, fostering a work environment characterized by honesty, respect, and fairness. This commitment to ethical leadership sets the tone for our entire organization.

Anti-Corruption :

Upholding a zero-tolerance policy for corruption, we implement rigorous anti-corruption measures to maintain the highest ethical standards. Our determination to foster a corruption-free environment underscores our dedication to responsible operations.

Regulatory Compliance:

Operating within the framework of local and international laws and regulations is non-negotiable for us. Our dedication to regulatory compliance not only ensures our legitimacy but also contributes to a strong economy and legal system.

Risk Management:

Safety is paramount, and we prioritize the identification and mitigation of operational risks. By doing so, we safeguard the well-being of our employees, protect the environment, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our mining activities.

Tax Transparency:

Our commitment to fair taxation involves accurate reporting, ensuring equitable contributions to local economies and communities. We strive to promote tax transparency as a key pillar of our responsible business practices.