Tin Prices as of 30th June 2024
  • LME Tin 3-month 32739.00
  • LME Tin Jul 24 32533.00
  • LME Tin Sep 24 32748.00
  • LME Tin Oct 24 32794.00
  • LME Tin Nov 24 32864.00
  • LME Tin Dec 24 32853.00

Developing the leading integrated tin production company in East Africa

Tin - From Mines to Metal

At Woodcross Resources, we are driven by our mission to become the leading integrated tin production company in East Africa. The group is headquartered in The Republic of Uganda where it owns and develops multiple mining assets and produces LME Grade Tin at its refinery in South-Western Uganda.


Empowering Uganda through sustainable tin production

With responsible mining practices and community development, we contribute to Uganda's growth while minimizing our environmental impact.


Creating value and having maximum impact

We are pioneering green tin production by refining and adding value at the source of the minerals thereby reducing emissions and creating maximum impact for local communities.


From Extracting Ore to Crafting Ingots

By leveraging state-of-the-art tech and prioritizing excellence, we're transforming tin manufacturing to fulfill worldwide needs.

Tin - Driving the Global Energy Transition

Tin is a vital metal that plays a crucial role in various industries, making it an attractive commodity for Woodcross Resources. Here are some key reasons why tin holds significant importance:

  • Global Demand: The demand for tin continues to rise with technological advancements as well as applications in global energy transition and green technologies.
  • Technology Essential: Tin is essential in electronics manufacturing, used in smartphones, tablets, and other devices due to its excellent soldering properties.
  • Energy Efficiency: Tin is used in solar panels and energy storage devices, contributing to energy-saving technologies and the growth of renewable energy systems.
  • Corrosion Resistance: With exceptional corrosion resistance, tin is preferred for coating steel cans and has applications in automotive, construction, and aerospace industries.
  • Sustainability: Tin is highly sustainable and recyclable, reducing the environmental impact associated with its extraction and promoting a circular economy.

Mining Licenses

Woodcross Resources holds mining licenses, allowing us to tap into Uganda's vast potential in mining tin. Through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, we have secured the necessary permissions to explore and develop critical metals resources.


Ruhama – ML1466


Ntungamo mining lease (ML1466) in South-West Uganda, providing the company with the rights of mineral production until 2036. The mining lease covers a considerable area spanning over 40 sq. km


Kikagati – ML1433


We recently acquired a mining lease (ML1433) also in South-West Uganda. It sits across the Kagera River from the town of Murongo, in the Kagera Region of Tanzania.


Tonnes every year

Our Vision:
To lead sustainable tin production while prioritizing environmental stewardship, driving innovation, and fostering positive impact for Uganda and beyond.

Regulation and Partners

There are several regulatory bodies involved in regulation our operations in tin mining at both global and regional levels.

profit-ticker Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development is a government ministry to manage utilization of energy and mineral resources for development of Uganda and its people. The Ministry is concerned with matters such as energy policy, investments in mining...
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profit-ticker The Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines has the mandate to establish, promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploitation and utilization of mineral resources for social and economic development...
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